MEMORYBOT LEARNS TO STUDY. Study Skills to Improve Learning – 2-


Practical guide to study techniques to improve learning.



Children´s story designed for girls/boys between the ages of 6 and 12.
It provides study techniques to improve learning along with strategies and types of mediated thinking that help improve emotional well-being in childhood.
Although it can be used separately, It represents a part of a more complex program, which as a whole, aims to improve children´s capacity for emotional self-regulation and consequently their adaptation, behavior and well-being.
It is a practical guide that in a simple way teaches children in general (with the help of teachers or parents) to solve many problems related to the capacity for emotional self-regulation. The novelty consists on the adaptation, through high-quality images, so that children with developmental problems, Autism, ADHD or learning problems understand its content.
The book also contains an evaluation form for metacognitive strategies for controlling and managing behavior, wich will allow family members, teachers or therapist who work with the child to assess the progress of the little ones in the use of the exercises raised.


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